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Saturday October 13, 2012 12:32 PM

A German guests blogs about her stay at The Bass Cottage Inn

It's always a treat when a guest who's web-aware and social-media aware shares their Bass Cottage experiences with others. This year we've seen a strong uptick in international visitors with visitors from Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Luxembourg, Italy....and of course England and Germany.

Here's a blog posting from Stefanie who hails from Munich, one of our favorite German cities:

Or, here's Google's auto-translation of the entry:

"There are places that will give one a good feeling. The Bass Cottage Inn in Bar Harbor, Maine is one such place. On our tour through New England we reach the inn in the pouring rain. The less annoying, because Teri welcomed us warmly and bring me a cup of tea directly. In room two golden chocolate heart lying on a white top surface. They do not seem corny, probably because they fit into the ambience, like everything here. The inn exudes from the first moment of homeliness: The lobby is decorated with a old piano, a large sofa with fireplace invites you to relax. When scrolling a collated by Jeffrey and Teri restaurant list with menus sweeps my view of the antique furniture. In the combination, you enter the room but no weight, as it is usually at the wooden houses in the area is the case here.

These playful and elegant house in Victorian style characterize the hilly countryside of New England and make her what she is. The large porches with rocking chairs and gourds at the door, the turrets, gables and small pillars at the entrance to radiate a sense of beauty and laissez-faire from the same time, I like that. The architectural style is a relic of British architecture in the last half of the 19th Century. The economic boom of the increasing industrialization brought wealth and enabled new designs and materials. What is very appealing from the outside can, in the interior act quickly overloaded. Heavy picture frames, bulky curtains, dark furniture and flowers decorated carpets are available in bulk in my opinion too much fast. The Bass Cottage Inn, however, combines skillfully Victorian with modern style: loose antique showpieces are available in large, light-filled rooms, wicker furniture and light curtains the whole picture: Teri and Jeffrey have renovated the 1885 house built with love and flair and furnished his story subtly brought out on. If you still with a homemade muesli with fresh Blueberrys decorated with courgette flower on orange slices, sits and looks out into the garden, you will feel just comfortable. If you ever come to New England - I can highly recommend Bass Cottage Inn."


Tuesday October 2, 2012 8:22 AM

Flying direct to Bar Harbor...easier than you think!

While the drive up the Maine coast is lovely, it certainly takes time from your enjoyment of Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. You may know that Bar Harbor has a little airport in Trenton, just over the bridge on the mainland 8 miles from The Bass Cottage Inn.

And getting there is easier than ever.

Cape Air serves Bar Harbor Hancock County Airport (BHB) from Boston with several daily flights. You can easily book your tickets now between BHB and Boston and beyond! Cape Air partners with Jet Blue to provide excellent service to Boston and all the cities in the US, Caribbean and worldwide that Jet Blue services.

You can book your trip to Bar Harbor seamlessly on Jet Blue's website:


Saturday September 29, 2012 10:52 AM

Eleven Tastes Not to Miss on MDI

We're people who, like you perhaps, like to experience new places with all the senses - not just the eyes. You can hike, shop, cruise, whatever - but nothing helps us connect to a locale than to taste what the locals have to offer.

While many parts of coastal Maine double-down on seafood, there is a wide array of taste treats awaiting you here in Bar Harbor and on Mount Desert Island. What follows below are some of our personal favorites. Of course, this is a subjective list. In fact,we're not sure the restauranteurs and chefs themselves would make the same choices. But, when we head out to a bite around here, these are what's on our minds.

Side Street Cafe Lobster Roll - Of course, we start of with lobster! These at this local, fun bistro are loaded with freshly picked lobster meat and served with just a touch of dressing. Best lobster roll on MDI for sure.

Havana Mushroom Spring Roll - Roasted mushrooms and soba noodles in a crisp spring roll wrap with soy glaze and truffle aioli. Tastes like they condensed a 1000 mushrooms into one spring roll.

Eden Vegetarian Singapore Noodles - Not doused with Indian curry like in so many Chinese restaurants, this flavorful veggie offering features wok-charred cabbage veggies. local fresh tofu over
rice noodles, seasoned with fresh chili, kaffir lime, & lemongrass yellow curry

Rosalie's Pizza Rosie's Choice - a vegetarian NY style thin crust pie loaded with garlic, spinach and mushrooms. This is Bar Harbor's best pizza. We rejoice when they open in the Spring and get sad when they close in the Fall.

XYX Restaurant 7 Chile Chili - Over in Southwest Harbor, up in the woods is a hacienda style restaurant serving authentic provincial Mexican cuisine. Start your dinner with margaritas and this fiery nosh. Braised beef, 7 different types of chiles and homemade tortillas. Pleasantly hot!

The Burning Tree Swiss Chard Leaves - stuffed with a scallop Mousse, lobster & shrimp served with a sorrel cream sauce. There are lots of great, fresh, locally-sourced choices on The Burning Tree menu. Somehow each time I come I can't get past this delicious dish.

Jordan Pond House Lobster Stew - Hike around Jordan Pond and then order up a bowl - not a cup! - of this rich blend of fresh lobster meat, cream, butter & sherry. Remember - no calories on vacation!

Mache Bistro Pumpkin Seed Dusted Scallops - Many good choices at this acclaimed little restaurant, this dish features local scallops served over creamy polenta topped with fennel onion confit then drizzled with lemon~caper olive oil.

Thurston's Steamed Lobster - Our top recommendation for the real Maine Lobster Pound experience. Choose your lobster - up to almost 4 lbs if you want - take a seat, watch the Bass Harbor lobster fleet return from pulling traps and wait for your number to be called.

Cleonice Lamb Burger - OK, this restaurant is in nearby downtown Ellsworth but if you venture forth try this Mediterranean style burger served in a pita with a spicy whipped feta dressing and tsatsiki. Choose the oven potatoes (they go great with the spicy feta whip) and glass of rioja. Nice lunch!

The Bass Cottage Inn Creme Brulee French Toast - Biased? Yes, but guests agree. This breakfast dish takes 2 days to prepare. Rich and decadent, with the bread infused with creme brulee taste and grilled in butter.

Come on up for a bite in Downeast Maine!


Saturday September 15, 2012 8:10 AM

Moose, you say? Are there moose on Mount Desert Island

Well, when we first came to MDI to open the Inn in 2003 the general consensus was that there were really no moose on Mount Desert Island. Too bad, we thought, because Maine is known for lobsters, blueberries, rocky coasts and MOOSE.

But, the moose are once again on the loose near Acadia. Just last winter, someone with an iPhone captured a video of a moose walking around downtown Bar Harbor. And, just a couple of days ago a local merchant snapped this younger male moose having a stroll near the Hulls Cover Visitors' Center in Acadia National Park.

So we have some moose here around Bar Harbor. And squirrels, too. Hmmm, "moose and squirrel"...where have I heard that before.


Monday September 10, 2012 7:37 AM

Cooler, pleasant weather is the harbinger of September in Bar Harbor

After Labor Day the super-heated tourist season here in Acadia cools off a bit as we welcome the warm days and cool nights of early autumn.

This photo shows what a Canadian cool front looks like as it edges over Mount Desert Island just last night. A spectacular show of nature's beauty that, while not unique to Downeast Maine, sure looks best from Downeast Maine.

While it's still hot and humid in other parts of the US, we expect our typical September weather pattern over the next 5 days: highs around 70F, overnight lows in the upper 40s. So, pull the covers up to your nose and get a good night's sleep before a great breakfast and a hike in Acadia National Park.


Monday August 27, 2012 1:12 PM

Acadia Night Sky Festival (Sept 13-17)

Acadia Night Sky Festival
Celebrating the starlit skies of Downeast Maine
September 13-17, 2012

Enjoy some of the last pristine night skies in the eastern United States. The festival’s many events feature art, science, and stargazing in Acadia National Park and surrounding communities.

Discover Downeast Maine’s unique commitment to measuring the quality of its starlit nights. We invite you to help us enjoy and protect this inspiring resource for generations to come.

Enjoy a night hikes up Precipice Trail or Otter Cliffs (experts onl), star gazing on Sand Beach, Cadillac Mountain and Seawall, a Night Sky "Under the Stars" cruise on the whale watch boat, photography, documentary films, informative lectures and an art show.

Maine’s spectacular rocky coast is home to Acadia National Park and some of the last star filled skies in the country. Here the Milky Way shines bright in the largest expanse of naturally dark sky, east of the Mississippi. As the rapid loss of dark skies to light pollution receives national recognition, Maine is increasingly referred to as someplace “that still has stars.”

For more information visit


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