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Tuesday February 10, 2015 3:51 PM

"Gee, why don't you stay open in the winter?"

Greetings from the Bass Cottage Inn winter reservation office...

...Where we have nary a snow shovel nor sweater nor pair of boots. Bar Harbor, like most of the Northeast, is enduring a particularly harsh and prolifically snowy winter. Details from Snowmageddon have filtered down to us here in St. Croix, along with planeloads of snow birds getting some justifiable relief.

Over our 12 years of innkeeping we have sometimes been asked: "Gee, why don't you stay open in the winter?"

To answer that question for yourselves, please see the accompanying photo. Even hardy Mainers are saying "Enough, ayuh!"

But assuming the snow melts by mid May (and I think it will. probably ;-)) we are gearing up for an outstanding season in Bar Harbor and Acadia. Advance bookings are strong and we have every reason to believe that Acadia National Park will equal or beat last year's visitation record.

So, while you're inside staying warm, think of Spring, Summer and Autumn travel plans. And, hopefully you'll think of a visit to the Bass Cottage Inn.


Thursday January 22, 2015 3:00 PM

Bar Harbor Aspiring Innkeepers' Weekend - May 29-30

The Bass Cottage Inn is pleased to be the site of the Maine Innkeeping Academy -- Bar Harbor Aspiring Innkeepers Weekend on May 29-30, 2015

If you're thinking of being an innkeeper someday...or are actively searching for your next career in innkeeping, you'll learn a lot from the experts at this event.

The Seminar Program includes:

* Two night accommodations at the Bass Cottage Inn
* Wine and cheese reception for seminar participants on Friday night
* Full day of instruction by industry professionals and veteran innkeepers on Saturday
* Course materials including information on hospitality trends, industry data and statistics, and financing requirements
* Attend a breakfast cooking demonstration in the Inn’s state-of-the-art commercial kitchen
* Enjoy breakfast at the Bass Cottage Inn on Saturday and Sunday. Working lunch on Saturday
* Gourmet dinner as a group off-site Saturday night
* Exclusive tours of select inns in the local area
* Maine Innkeeping Academy "Certificate of Achievement" upon completion

Pricing & Enrollment:

Cost is $550.00 for single occupancy; $650 for double occupancy

To register please contact Teri Anderholm at the Bass Cottage Inn – or 207.288.1234

Terms & Conditions:

Availability is limited to 12 seminar participants. A deposit equal to full payment for the seminar and accommodations is due at the time of reservation.

A 30-day cancellation period applies. Cancellations after April 29, 2015 will forfeit the entire deposit amounts.


Monday January 12, 2015 12:24 PM

Taste of Bar Harbor Festival - opening weekend of the Bass Cottage Inn

Concurrent with our opening 2015 weekend for the Bass Cottage Inn (May 15) is the spectacular "Taste of Bar Harbor" event. Stay with us and enjoy the Pub Tour, the Chef's Table event, Sidewalk Cafe, Eden Farmer's Market and Waiter Race. If you love great food and want to sample Downeast dining at its finest, come to Bar Harbor in mid-May.

For more info:


Monday October 20, 2014 9:49 AM

Craft Cocktail Oasis in Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor has many good to great dining experiences. One establishment on our "recommended" list actually doesn't even serve food (unless you count the spiced popcorn). Welcome to the Cottage St. Pub, an oasis of inventive and heady cocktails on Cottage Street near the Bass Cottage Inn.

Dale, shown here, is the Chief Cocktail Wizard and master of dry Maine humor. He. along with his team of lovely lady bartenders serve up some delicious concoctions with unique ingredients. While you can get any number of local microbrews, a glass of wine or a perfectly made Hendricks martini (very dry, slice of cucumber) why not try something like "La Turista Burracha" made with Mezcal, blood orange liqueur and hell-fire bitters.

Pull up a stool or sit by the sidewalk and watch life's rich pageant on vacation. Just don't take my seat! Cheers.


Saturday September 20, 2014 9:47 AM

An Autumn Afternoon in Maine

Yesterday the innkeepers packed inn-dog Riley into the car and headed off island up to Ellsworth to pick ripe, crisp apples for the guests to enjoy here at the Bass Cottage Inn.

What a day here in Maine: Warm sun, an autumnal chill in the air, blue sky, red apples, colorful blueberry barrens, children playing among the apple trees. It was a Robert Frost moment.

This season is setting us up for a great apple crop here in downeast Maine. Balanced rainfall, moderate temperatures all summer have the trees loaded with McIntosh, Cortlands, Macouns and other varieties. We filled three large bags in no time.

Wild blueberry season is over, but the blueberry barrens are turning a gorgeous mix of burgundy and russet.

There may be some problems in the world, but none in the orchard yesterday. Another example of why Maine's tourism tagline is... "The Way Life Should Be."


Friday August 15, 2014 12:20 PM

Elopements, Anniversaries, Book tours, Old Friends

This is a wonderful, but complicated story so bear with us. It just illustrates the fact that we get wonderful, creative guests who bring their own connections when they check in to the Bass Cottage Inn.

First, over the years we've been honored to host Laurel and Brian Lies. Brian is a best-selling author and illustrator of wonderful children's books. The latest is called "Bats in the Band."

Years ago, one of the first bookstores to carry Brian's books when he was just starting out was the Where the Sidewalk Ends Bookstore in Chatham, Massachusetts.

Forty years ago, Jim and Joann (see photo) eloped and stayed at the Bass Cottage Inn on their wedding night. Later on, they would open the bookstore in Chatham. They came back this year to celebrate their fortieth anniversary. Brian and Laurel were here just a few days before and left Jim and Joann a surprise anniversary gift which we placed in their room for their arrival.

We're just happy to host them all and enjoy the marvelous, coincidental "fabulous realities" that our guests bring with them to the Bass Cottage Inn.


Sunday August 3, 2014 1:27 PM

Time to appreciate "bloobs" in Maine

It's not a misspellling -) It's time to savor the 'bloobs" in Downeast Maine.

Up here on Mount Desert Island we're just getting the first harvested wild Maine blueberries of the season. While not as famous at Maine lobster, the wild Maine blueberry is a unique treat.

Wild Maine Blueberries are unique in the U.S. to a small area in eastern Maine and thrive in the cool, moist sea air of this beautiful region. These naturally smaller wild blueberries are sweet and irresistibly delicious. While cultivated blueberries from other parts of the US (we call 'em "cannonballs" because of their larger size) are good and nutritious, the Maine blueberry is something akin to the best wine grapes: small, concentrated, delicious.

While you'll find wild blueberries while hiking in Acadia National Park, they are cultivated around these parts in rocky fields known as "blueberry barrens."

In spring, the blueberry barrens come to life with a soft green color and white blossoms. In late July and early August the barrens gradually turn blue as the berries ripen and the harvest begins, as it is right now here in Maine.

After the harvest, and with the onset of fall, the barrens turn a bright crimson red that rivals any fall foliage -- another reason to plan a trip this fall to the Bass Cottage Inn.


Wednesday July 30, 2014 1:21 PM

Green Initiatives at The Bass Cottage Inn

We just signed on to an initiative to ban those ubiquitous plastic water bottles from Acadia National Park. About 4 years ago, we abolished bottled water from our Guest Pantry at the inn and we think it's good for the environment --- and not much of an inconvenience for guests. Instead guests fill up their own reusable (and often more handy) water bottles for a fun day in Acadia.

In the rooms, guests have a stylish carafe of chilled water each day.

Over our years as innkeepers we've learned how to be smarter and more eco-conscious. Of course, we recycle paper products as much as possible. Returnable bottles and cans are donated to a charity. Most light bulbs are CFLs. Our inn's sign is illuminated with cost-effective and long-lived LED lights.

Recycling, using products that themselves use recycled materials, and using energy-saving technologies is just smart business. And, educated guests notice these things. However, your comfort is never compromised.


Tuesday July 15, 2014 11:32 AM

A picture worth a thousand words

Near twilight last evening off the Shore Path, near the Bass Cottage Inn in Bar Harbor ME.


Sunday July 6, 2014 9:29 AM

Tropical Storm Arthur Visits Bar Harbor

Despite having a hip replacement just before opening, our season thus far has gone so smoothly. Guests have been great. The Bass Cottage Inn team has been outstanding. Something had to go wrong…

What went wrong was July 5th. To sum it up, as Lloyd Bridges said in Airplane! - "Guess I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue."

Storm hits after midnight. 3:20am: Thunder crack jolts us out of bed. We go back to sleep but the smell of wood smoke wakes me up. Is the Inn on fire? I go running out into the pouring rain with my cane and see that a lightning bolt has taken out a tree which has fallen on a power line near the Bar Harbor Inn. There is a fire and live wires are crackling and humming. Not much I can do except try to go back to sleep. Can't. Somehow we still have power.

At 6:45am, just as Teri gets the scones out of the oven we lose power. Quickly find that our generator is not working. No emergency lighting or refrigeration.

I call the power company: "Thanks for holding. There are 62 calls ahead of you." Call the police. "we don't know what's going on but most of downtown is without power." Call the chamber of commerce: "We don't know anything." Doesn’t someone know something??

Meanwhile, our guests are relaxing calmly around the Inn... Disappointed by the weather, but good-natured.

As it rains buckets we remember - no power, no sump pump! Which is ominously filling up in the basement. As Teri and staff serve impromptu breakfast to good-natured guests I use a baling hand pump to try to get water out of the sump. It's like bailing a 2 sq ft area of a swimming pool...water keeps filling in.

So I call our plumber. Get his answering service. Call again. When he tries to call back we realize AT&T Wireless is not working. So we have no power. No phones. Wonderful.

In fact, we found out something about our phone system. When it’s down, all calls apparently go to one guest room. These nice guests were answering reservation calls….”we can’t take your reservation, but we’re staying here and it’s very nice.”

Finally our plumber shows up with a gas generator. I hustle down to the dark basement to meet him. In the dark I misjudge a step and take a header into the staff shower room. Ow! Nothing broken. We get the sump pump fired up. Whew!

Still no power and we've got refrigerators and freezers full of food just sitting there getting warmer...

Finally we get to the power company website which says the expect power to be restored by 4pm. Or 7pm. It says both. Hedging their bets obviously. We call them: "There are 40 calls ahead of you.". Finally get someone on the line: "we don't know....” Yeah, &$#( you too.

We huddle. If we get to nightfall we can't have guests here without lights, safety systems, food or hot water. We inform the guests and give them the option to leave if they want. No one wants to go. They remain good-natured. One of the guests breaks out a guitar and we have a wonderful. impromptu 2 hour concert. With wine.

Teri gets in the car and visits the larger hotels. They are closing down. No where to send guests.

Dusk starts to gather. Guests don't want to leave (there's nowhere for them to go). We better get even more flashlights. Rush to the supermarket which still has power. Look wistfully at the empty pegs which used to contain flashlights. A check of the power company's website now shows they expect to restore power… ON TUESDAY!!! We confer with our inn neighbors about a common plan should we all not have power the next day. We agree that we’ll have to shut down and send everybody home.

By now, our wonderful plumber has returned on his own volition and somehow gotten our propane generator fired up. So we have power for hallway lights and refrigeration. And the phones now work. Since things are "looking up" I go out to get Chinese food since we haven't eaten all day.

Around 9pm, miraculously, the power comes back on. Teri, exhausted, goes to bed. I do an hour of paperwork and join her. All is back to normal.

Teri says: "Surely, we’ll never have another day like this." I say: "I think you're right, but don't call me Shirley"

So ends the Fifth of July in Bar Harbor. Life is back to normal.


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